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In our factory in Castelfidardo metal components are designed and manufactured with high-tech machine tools. In our factory in Ancona, the final products are assembled and tested It is also our research office and national after-sales service center.

The construction of pioneering and innovative electric tools, requires high-tech engines, specific for the job and in particular to the needs of the operator; then they have to be ergonomic, lightweight, silent and reliable and most importantly with a little fatiguing usage.
After years of tests and experiences on site, in 2009 we designed and built two new power units, tested for a long time throughout the 2010-2011 and 2012 with the confirmation of their outstanding reliability. From Jenuary 2013 these power units started to be producted and they are the base of some new and unreleased electric tools

In 2014, after 10 years from our first electric tool, we introduced the Low Voltage production line ULTRA LIGHT. 10 years of continuing research, tests, innovation tecnologies and 8 European patents, to get to produce 70 different designed models and then built keeping in primis and in the centre of each project, the physical well-being of the operator, with ergonomic, lightweight, very silent and reliable features to guarantee a little fatiguing job with the highest performace. A global success that over the years has radically changed in better, working methods and times of tens of thousands of our customers. With this new even lighter and compact futuristic line, we continue in our mission by offering, first in the world, innovative electric tools with direct transmission, with the aim to cover a gap in the market which required all this.
From Jenuary 2015, we present 12 new power tools and a new European patent, pride of Top Quality Made in Italy.